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WebWork is a time tracker that perfectly fits the needs of freelancers. It tracks time, activity level, productivity, makes hours billable, creates invoices, and much more.

Time Tracker for Freelancers
Time Tracking and Task Management | WebWork Tracker

Perfect Solution for Freelancers

Time Tracking and Task Management | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker functions as both a time tracker and a task management platform. You can organize your work on the Task Manager, track how many hours you spend on each, make those hours billable and create invoices - all of it on the same platform, on WebWork.

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Features that Simplify the Work of Freelancers


In order to be paid accurately, freelancers use invoicing software to create and send an invoice to the client. An accurately made invoice is the guarantee of accurate payment. WebWork allows freelancers to create an invoice right inside WebWork and send it straight to the client.

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Invoice | WebWork Tracker

Time Tracking

Freelancers need time tracking as part of their work the most. As they work on an hourly basis, they need to track their working hours in order to be paid accurately. WebWork tracks time accurately and easily. You simply need to turn on the tracker. WebWork does the rest.

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Time Tracking | WebWork Tracker

Activity Level Tracking

WebWork tracks the activity level of users based on the number of their mouse clicks and keystrokes. It then uses that information to create activity reports. Freelancers can share that information with their clients as proof of work of their tracked hours.

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Activity Level | WebWork Tracker

Billable Hours

When freelancers work on an hourly basis, they set an hourly rate that determines how much they’ll be paid. WebWork tracks their working hours and calculates the total of how much they are to be paid.

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Billable Hours | WebWork Tracker


WebWork has the option of screenshots that freelancers can benefit from. When they work and track hours, they can also use the screenshot feature to record the process as proof. WebWork has 4 screenshot modes, which can be used in accordance with any project’s requirements.

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Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Time Tracker for Freelancers

Track Time Wherever You Are

Time Tracker for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you might need to move around a lot and often change your working OS or your device. Luckily, you can use WebWork wherever and on whatever device you are.

WebWork tracks time on the web, on desktop, on Chrome, and on mobile. The desktop tracker works on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the mobile tracker on iOS and Android. The mobile tracker also tracks geolocation, in case location is necessary for the job.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

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Ray M.

Yellow five pointed stars

Best for Freelancers! I spent days looking for a Time Tracker and finally found this gem. Usually, we have high expectations for the popular apps, but look what I've found. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. When my team grows or someday I start my own company, I will definitely continue using this software.

Evelyn Grace

Yellow five pointed stars

Excellent software to use for freelancers! It is user-friendly, easy to navigate and gives actual monitoring and screenshots of work.


Yellow five pointed stars

This is a perfect tool that freelancers should use, especially when you work on an hourly basis. You can add clients to the projects, so they can monitor the time you consume. This is great for improving transparency between you and the clients. WebWork Time Tracker is also great for sorting out all my projects in a week, which is important since I handle tons of tasks regularly. It helps in knowing which among my projects require immediate attention, and determine my improvements along the way.

Jenny M.

Yellow five pointed stars

Being a freelancer I've used plenty of time tracking tools and this was one of them. One plus was the fact it's a desktop app so I don't have to open my browser to start tracking time. It has all the necessary functions like task definition, overview of your time usage, play/pause, manual time input, etc. If you need a bit more than that you can also assign tasks to specific team members and create invoices from reports. If you're using it to track project time then your employers will appreciate the screenshots it takes to prove you were actually working.

WebWork Is the Perfect Time Tracker For Freelancers, Seriously

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