Best Time Tracker for Freelancers

WebWork is a time tracking software, perfect for freelancers and freelance teams. Track your or your freelance team’s working hours, set hourly rates, billable hours, create invoices, and more.

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Time Tracker for Freelancers
Time Tracking and Task Management | WebWork Tracker

Perfect Time Tracking Solution for Freelancers

Time Tracking and Task Management | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker functions as both a time tracker and a remote work management platform. Organize work on built-in Task Management, and track how many hours you or your freelance team spend on work. Set billable hours and create invoices based on tracked time.

How to Track Time with WebWork

Features That Simplify the Work of Freelancers


After having worked hours calculated correctly, you need reliable software to create and share invoices. WebWork allows you to create an invoice right inside the tracker and share it with your clients directly.

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Invoice | WebWork Tracker

Time Tracking

Automated time tracking ensures that worked hours are calculated accurately. You do not have to log work hours manually, as WebWork does it automatically the moment you start work.

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Time Tracking | WebWork Tracker

Activity Level Tracking

WebWork tracks activity level based on the number of keystrokes, mouse clicks, and scrolls. It uses the tracked information to create activity reports. As a freelancer, you can share this information with your clients if required.

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Activity Level | WebWork Tracker

Billable Hours

WebWork calculates earned amounts automatically based on set billable hours. This way, it ensures maximum accurate payment processes both for you as a freelancer and for your clients.

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Billable Hours | WebWork Tracker


The function of optional screenshots enables recording the work process to present it as proof of work. WebWork offers 4 screenshot modes, including a blurred option for sensitive projects or privacy.

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Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Time Tracker for Freelancers

Track Time on Any Device

Time Tracker for Freelancers

Whether you or your freelance team are tracking time on the web, desktop app, Chrome extension or mobile tracker, WebWork syncs all data.

The desktop tracker is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and the mobile tracker is on iOS and Android. The mobile tracker can also track employee geolocation in case location is necessary for work.

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