Task Management System

Task Management System

Plan, track and manage your workflow by keeping your tasks organized. Have one central place to assign tasks, track progress and reach goals. Manage your time better with WebWork Task Management System.

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Task Management System | WebWork Tracker
Task management | WebWork Tracker

Structure of Task Management System

Task management | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Task Management Tool is much more than just a list of to-dos. It lists tasks as open, in progress and done so that you can track the status of each task in one simple view.

You can easily organize your tasks and reorder them with a drag and drop function. It allows you to share files, write comments, add deadlines, and set priority (normal, high, urgent).

Customizable View and Statuses

On WebWork Task Management, you can customize the view to List or Board depending on your preferences. Moreover, you can also customize task statuses and write your own. By default, they are Open, In Progress, Done, and Closed. However, you are free to create any status you want.

Customizable view and statuses on WebWork Task Management
Task Management System | WebWork Tracker

How To Use WebWork Task Management Tool?

Task Management System | WebWork Tracker

By clicking the edit button next to the task you can go inside it and fill it. There you will see all the details and information related to it.

Every time when your team members comment, edit or change the task you are assigned, you will get notifications to stay up-to-date.

Task Management System | WebWork Tracker

Stay On Top of Deadlines

Task Management System | WebWork Tracker
WebWork Task Management Tool not only enables teams to flexibly organize and prioritize work but also easily manage deadlines.
On your dashboard you will see tasks with closer deadlines to stay updated and be sure you meet the due dates. Also, you will see tasks with missed deadlines to complete them faster and increase your productivity.
Task Management System | WebWork Tracker

Exportable Reports

Task Management System | WebWork Tracker

Track time for each task on your team, easily filter task reports by projects and members, export them just by one click and analyze your employees’ productivity.

Once you know exactly where your team’s time is going, you can make better estimations for future tasks and help your team increase productivity.


Can I assign the same task to more than one employee?

Yes you can assign tasks both to individual and multiple team members. You can do that while creating the task or can simply add another member(s) after some time.

Who can assign tasks?

Owner and executive manager can assign tasks to all employees. Project manager can assign tasks to members of his/her project.

What tasks can an employee view?

An employee can view the tasks assigned to him/her as well as the tasks of other team members that have the same contracts.

Where can I view the time spent on each task?

You can view it on the task reports page. It presents data by task name, project, member, duration and date.

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