Organize, assign, and track tasks using task management system

Task Management with Time Tracking

Create, assign, and track tasks to your employees while tracking their working hours. Our Employee Task Management System with time tracking is your centralized platform for managing tasks, tracking time, and streamlining workflow.

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Task management system with integrated time tracking

Why choose WebWork Task Management?

Improve productivity and team collaboration faster with employee task tracking.

Custom views and statuses

Depending on your preferences, you can set the task view as List or Kanban Board. Similarly, you can write your own status labels or use the default ones such as Open, In Progress, Done, and Closed.

Tasks and subtasks

Simplify task management by breaking down large tasks into subtasks. Create tasks, add subtasks, assign to employees, and set due dates, priorities, statuses, and more.

Invoicing and payroll

Pay workspace members accurately and effortlessly straight on WebWork. Built-in invoice creation and Finance section with Payroll and Payments enable you to manage the whole process in one place.

How to use employee task management system?

Track task and project progress with our time tracking and employee task management tool.

You assign tasks to employees

Create and assign tasks to workspace members. Add details such as due date, priority, and status. For larger tasks, create subtasks.

Employees track time on tasks

As your employees start working on a task, the time tracker records the time they spend on each.

You get automated task reports

See how much time each employee spends on each task on Task Reports.

Track task and time with our time tracking and task management system

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Stay on top of deadlines with task management system

Never Miss Task Deadlines

Our Employee Task Management system shows you and your employees the tasks with approaching deadlines. As you set due dates on each task, those with the closest due dates will appear on the dashboard to ensure your employees don’t miss deadlines.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Our employee task management system automates repetitive management processes for you.

Automated stand-ups

Track the tasks and plans of your employees for each day on automated stand-ups. Integrate WebWork Bot with your Slack workspace and command it to send stand-up reminders to your selected channel at your selected date and time.

You and your team members can even ask the bot to send you task lists, daily and weekly reports, and much more.

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Automated stand-up meetings with WebWork Bot integration

Get reports to your email and Slack channel

Automate the process of employee task tracking by scheduling to receive task reports. You can get task reports delivered to you in two ways.

1. Schedule reports

To receive reports in your email, you can schedule them with custom details such as file type, frequency, period, time zone, and time.

2. Get reports in Slack channels

When you integrate WebWork Bot with your Slack workspace, you can get daily and weekly reports sent to your selected channel.

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Receive task reports via email and Slack for better task management

Explore More Features for Team Management

Track and manage team workflows efficiently.

App & Web Usage Monitoring

Label apps and websites as productive and non-productive and get productivity reports based on their usage.

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Time tracking with screenshot-based attendance monitoring
Track employee attendance and manage shifts

Attendance and Shifts

Track and review employee attendance automatically and create separate shifts for each workspace member.

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Time Tracking with Screenshots

Monitor your employee’s computer activity and work process with screenshot modes that can be blurred or turned off.

Monitor your team’s work process through systematic screenshots.

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Task management system with time tracking and screenshot monitoring
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Where can I view the amount of time each employee spends on each task?

To view the time spent on tasks, go to Reports>Tasks.

Who can assign tasks?

The Workspace Owner and Executive Managers can assign tasks to all employees. Project and Team Managers can assign tasks to members assigned to their project and team.

Why should I use time tracking in task management?

Time tracking enables you to accurately measure how much time tasks and projects take to complete. It also helps you keep track of the time each employee spends on their task and improve time management across the team.

If you have a team working on an hourly basis, time tracking is the best way to ensure that you pay them accurately, quickly, and without any hassle.

Manage Teamwork with Employee Task Management

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