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TimeCamp has long been in the industry of time tracking and has the basic functionalities a time tracker needs. However, it lacks many others too.

WebWork Time Tracker, on the other hand, has all the necessary features for time tracking and not only. Other than time tracking, it also functions as a task management and communication platform. Let’s see how it is the best TimeCamp alternative.

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TimeCamp Alternative | WebWork Tracker

WebWork vs TimeCamp

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WebWork is the Best TimeCamp Alternative



App and Website


Billable Hours


Reports and analytics

WebWork Time Tracker has a list of reports based on the data it tracks. These include Reports on app and website usage, attendance, productivity, activity level and more. The reports can be exported in formats such as CSV, XLS and PDF.

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Reports| TimeCamp Alternative of WebWork Tracker

Productivity monitoring

WebWork Time Tracker measures the productivity level of users by recording the time spent on platforms marked as productive and by counting the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes.

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Productivity | WebWork features

App and website usage monitoring

WebWork Time Tracker tracks the time spent on apps and websites. First, the owner indicates certain apps and websites as productive, non-productive and neutral and then the tracker categorizes them accordingly.

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Apps and websites | WebWork features

Transparent work process

WebWork Time Tracker uses the option of screenshots to measure productivity and the activity of the user. It has 4 optional modes for different project types and situations. For example, if a project requires privacy, the Blurred mode can be used.

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Time tracker with screenshots

Accurate payment

On WebWork Time Tracker, users can set their hours as billable if they are working on an hourly basis. The tracker then counts their working hours and turns them into worked amounts. Then, users can create an invoice based on the billing information.

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Billing & Invoice | WebWork features

Automated attendance tracking

WebWork Time Tracker automatically registers user attendance. Whenever the user is late from the set start time, the tracker asks to fill in the reason. The same goes for leaving earlier.

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Attendance | WebWork features

WebWork Tracker Features

WebWork Features That TimeCamp Doesn’t Have

Task Management

On WebWork Time Tracker users can not only track time, but also plan, create and manage tasks. It has a task management system, where managers can assign tasks to their team members and track time spent on them. Explore Task Management

Task Management | TimeCamp Alternative of WebWork Tracker Task Management | TimeCamp Alternative of WebWork Tracker

Team Chat

In order to keep the whole work process in one platform, WebWork has a communication channel. Teams can chat and collaborate right inside the tracker. Explore Team Chat

Team chat | WebWork Tracker Team chat | WebWork Tracker

Video Meetings

To make collaboration faster, teams can have a quick call or video conference on WebWork’s built-in Video Calls. Explore Video Meetings

Video calls | WebWork Tracker

Leave Management

On WebWork, you can assign and arrange leave for your team members, have all the details in one place. Explore Leave Management

Leave and Holiday Management | WebWork Tracker

Work-Life Balance

WebWork takes care of your employee’s work and personal life balance with the help of customizable reminders. Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance | WebWork Tracker

So why should you choose WebWork?

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  • You will get a complete time tracker with a lot of extra features

  • You get a tracker that has 4 screenshot modes

  • You get a tracker that functions as a workspace too

  • You save money and still get great value


WebWork Time Tracker can be integrated with a number of other tools. They are Zapier, Asana, GitHub,Jira Software, Teamwork, Zoho Projects, Bitbucket, Wrike, Trello, Todoist and ClickUp.

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