WebWork API

WebWork API is available for anyone who needs to create their own WebWork implementations. WebWork API allows you to programmatically access and interact much of your data. It provides access to resources (that is, data entities) via URI paths.

The API includes both read and write requests, so you get the ability to view and use any data you have in your account and also import external data (add your own contracts, projects, tasks, users to your WebWork account through the API).

The API responses are in JSON format. It’s simple to use and implementations of JSON are widely available.
WebWork API uses simple HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.


The preferred authentication method for the WebWork API is HTTP basic authentication.
Basic HTTP authentication is a response mechanism through which the server can request authentication information (for WebWork that is, user email and password) from the project viewer. This approach does not require cookies, session IDs, login pages, and other such specialty solutions.
Authentication information needs to encrypt in base-64.


Using WebWork API you can invite new users to your team, update user data, get data of the existing projects, change, delete or create new ones․ You can perform the same actions with tasks and contracts as well.
Also, with our API you can get detailed reports by giving the start and end date parameters. Reports can show your team’s tracked time and other information if needed.

For more information, from the left side menu, choose the API you want to use and get detailed explanation and helpful examples for each one.