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Slack Integration with WebWork

Integrate Slack with WebWork to transfer your whole team in a matter of seconds and more.

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Slack Integration with WebWork
sync your Slack with WebWork

Integrating Slack with WebWork means syncing your team members across both platforms. When you add or remove members on Slack, the same happens on WebWork.

But wait, there’s more!

Work Faster with WebWork Bot on Slack

WebWork Bot is your companion on Slack. It helps you complete a number of WebWork actions right inside Slack.

Automated congratulations

WebWork Bot congratulates your team on Slack on their birthdays, public holidays, and memorial days.

WebWork Bot on Slack

Organize stand-ups with a few clicks

On Slack, type the date of your stand-up in the necessary channel and the bot will create the stand-up on WebWork.

Stand-ups with WebWork Bot

See your WebWork tasks in Slack

Type “list my tasks” on Slack and WebWork Bot will show you all your tasks with deadlines and priorities.

See your WebWork Tasks in Slack

Integrate Slack with WebWork in a Few Easy Steps

Step 1
Integration settings

Go to Settings on the lower left corner of your Dashboard, then to Integrations and find Slack.

Step 2

Click on Enable and you will be taken to Slack.

Integrate slack
Step 3
Integrate Slack with WebWork

Choose your workspace and click Allow. Then you can choose what exactly you want to integrate and do so.

That’s it.

Integrate Slack with WebWork and Save Time

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