Trello Integration

Trello Integration with WebWork

Integrate Trello with WebWork to track time and import projects and tasks.

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Trello Integration with WebWork
sync your Trello with WebWork

Integrating Trello with WebWork lets you import projects and tasks of your choice from Trello to WebWork and track time on them.

Integrate Trello Easily with a Few Steps

Step 1
Integrate Trello with WebWork

Go to Integrations on the Menu of your Dashboard and find Trello.

Step 2

Click on Enable and you will be taken to Trello to sign in.

Integrate Trello
Step 3
Integration settings

That’s it 🎉 Now you can import projects and tasks from Trello straight to WebWork. To make the process automated, turn on Auto-Sync.

That’s it.

Integrate Trello with WebWork and Track Time Effortlessly

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