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Privacy Policy

WebWork Time Tracker collects data in two places:

Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
Our public website
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
The Time Tracking desktop application (Windows, MAC, LINUX)

The data information may include your

Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
full name
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
email address
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
city you are in
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
location (on mobile app)
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
the photo of your account (optional)
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
screen captures (optional) *
Timesheet Reports | WebWork Tracker
amount of keystrokes and mouse clicks *

** ONLY when Time Tracker is on.

If you choose one of our paid memberships, we will also collect your credit card number, as it appears on your card, which will be transmitted via SSL encryption to our merchant provider.

While using our web and desktop applications, we may use the name of projects, the project tags, estimations, start and deadline dates, time used on each project of each employee, the screenshots of your screen, mouse clicks and keyboard activity. Please note that we just count the amount of the mouse clicks and keystrokes and we do not record what you type or where you click.

The screenshots and the amount of your work activity will be visible to you and anyone who manages you on particular project, to the owner of the project and to the project viewer.

You can delete any screenshot you choose, but you should be aware that the 10-minute delta time will be deleted as well.

Your IP address, time zone, device name and the OS type you are using will be visible in the screenshot details. That information will be shown to you and anyone who manages your project, the owner or the project viewer of that particular project.

The owner of your project can turn off the screenshot option, in which case your screen activity, mouse clicks and keystroke number will not be available to anyone.

Please note, that WebWork Time Tracker tracks your screen and activity only when you start the desktop application.

Note also that we only collect this data for providing you a service and we are obligated not to share the above mentioned information with anyone who is not your manager, owner of the particular project or the project viewer.

Please note that you are providing your information to WebWork Time Tracker to receive the service. We affirm that we are not going to rent or sell any of your information or data we own.

We may also record what pages of our website you visit, how much time you spend on each page, what activity you perform in order to be able to evaluate our website’s efficiency. We use your Personal Information only for providing you with service and improving our website. By using WebWork Time Tracker you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

Where your Data is stored

WebWork uses Amazon S3 cloud to store your data. WebWork Time Tracker is responsible for your data security.

Geo-location information

If you are using WebWork mobile tracker and sign in through WebWork Mobile application, you will be asked to share your (GPS level) geo-location information. We need this information so we can provide Geolocation Report. This information includes physical locations visited. You will be able to turn on/off this data collection at any time by accessing the privacy settings of your mobile device and/or through the setting in mobile application.

Team Chat information

On WebWork chat you can send and receive texts and files. The information you share in a message is only available to you and the recipient. We assure you that we do not share your chatting data with any third parties. When the user deletes their account, all the data connected with it is also deleted, including the chat information and history.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.