Track and monitor employee productivity with real-time data

Apps and Websites Usage Monitoring

Track and monitor employee productivity with real-time data about their computer activities. Get detailed information about how exactly your team spends its working time by monitoring the top visited apps and websites.

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real-time data

Monitor your Team’s Productivity

Apps and Websites Usage

Besides taking screenshots and recording activity level, WebWork Desktop Time Tracker can also detect which apps and websites employees are using at that exact moment.

It will work on a background without disturbing your employees. Then you can view apps and websites usage reports to identify how much time your employees allocate to work-related and non-work related activities.

Easily export them in CSV, XLS or PDF formats.

Employee app and website usage
Detailed statistics for understanding employee performance

Productivity Reports

Productivity reports show statistics with real numbers that gives you in-depth understanding of your employees’ performance. It is presented on a visual dashboard that you can organize per user or all users.

It allows you to customize the productivity status of apps and websites for each team, so that you can generate accurate reports that will reflect the productivity of that particular team.

Alerts for Non-Productive Apps and Websites usage

WebWork Tracker allows the owner and executive manager to automatically send alerts to employees in case of using a non-productive app/website.

A pop-up window appears which notifies the team member to stay away from distractions and stop wasting time.

It allows employees to be aware of the apps/websites they’re using at that exact moment and avoid non-work related activities. By doing so it helps them to concentrate more on their tasks and thus improve productivity.

Automatic alerts to employees for non-productive app and website usage

How to set up productivity reports?

Set up productivity reports
Classify the apps and websites as productive, non-productive and neutral in your productivity settings.
If you cannot find any app/website in that list, send us a request and we will add it.
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Are the apps & websites monitored in desktop, web and mobile tracker?

You can monitor your team’s apps & websites usage only with the desktop tracker.

Does WebWork monitor apps and websites when you’re not working?

WebWork Time Tracker monitors apps and websites only when your tracker is on.

Does it show the time spent on each app and website specifically?

Yes it does.

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