Automated time and attendance tracking software

  • Automatic check-in and check-out
  • Accurate timesheets and invoices
  • Happy & efficient workplace
Simple to use system Automatic time tracking Attendance tracking
Attendance tracking

Real-time employee attendance tracking

Secure and transparent system to monitor and track employee attendance in real time. Save time and organize employees without any additional action, always be in the know with a 100% touchless system.

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Attendance statistics

Intelligent analysis of attendance data

Besides knowing who comes late, leaves work earlier, tracks less time than needed, you will also get colorful charts to know the percentage of employees who have that kind of deviation from the schedule in the chosen time period along with the list of employees and the number of deviations.

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How to get Attendance data that matters for your company?

Attendance settings

Set up Attendance

(1) Go to Settings and navigate to the Team bookmark,
(2) Set up Attendance to track your employees’ time and attendance with ease and at your own convenience.

Attendance reports

Check reports

Detailed reports will be available on Attendance report page along with visual insights based on employees' attendance data on Statistics report page.

Automatic time tracking

Flexible and automatic time tracking

Record employees working hours and breaks on the go without any effort. Find out not only when the team started and stopped each day but what they did in-between. Dozens of valuable reports will help you gain full transparency.

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Productivity analyzing

Insightful productivity analyzing

Retrieve productivity reports based on activity level, apps/websites usage, randomized screenshots along with in-depth insights to spot employee working trends and optimize productivity.

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