Deel Integration

Deel integration with WebWork

Integrate Deel with WebWork to import your team members to WebWork, send their timesheets to Deel, and more.

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Deel integration with WebWork

What Is Deel?

Deel is a platform for hiring globally, HR, and payroll in one place. By integrating Deel with WebWork, you will simplify your remote workflow, including the process of payroll, and be able to pay your employees anywhere in the world.

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Integrate Deel with WebWork in a Few Steps

To integrate Deel with WebWork, you only need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1

On your WebWork Dashboard, go to Integrations on the lower left of the Menu. Find Deel on Integrations and click on Enable.

Deel on WebWork Integrations
WebWork time tracker software integrated with Deel
Deel integration settings

Step 2

Sign in to Deel and give WebWork the necessary permissions.

Integrate Deel with WebWork in a few steps

Step 3

On Deel, you will see the list of users where you can select who you want to import to WebWork or match with the existing user on Deel.

Import members | Deel integration
Integration settings
Manage members and send timesheet from WebWork to Deel

Step 4

Now that you have imported the selected users, you can send their timesheets from WebWork to Deel.

Here are two things to note

You can send the timesheets of those users whose contracts on Deel are either Pay as You Go or Ongoing Time-Based.

On Deel, make sure you turn on the toggle of “Client” under “Who can submit work”.

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