Healthy work-life balance

Work-Life Balance

WebWork takes care of your employees’ work-life balance while improving their productivity level. It enables you to prioritize employee wellness while keeping productivity on the rise.

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Work-life balance dashboard of WebWork Tracker

Special Reminders for Employee Wellness

You and your team members can select from the given reminder options such as drinking water, taking a walk, or doing an eye exercise. Moreover, WebWork can also remind you to spend more time with family, keep your goal in mind, or just do nothing.

Employee wellness reminders

Organized Employee Wellness Reports

WebWork gives you detailed reports and visual analytics about work-life balance and employee wellness. See whose productivity level is healthy and who’s been overworking or underworking.

Detailed analytics on work-life balance and productivity levels
Monitor employee wellness
Prioritization of employee well-being
Customizable work-life balance settings

Customizable Work-Life Balance Settings

You are free to customize the settings for your team’s work-life balance. Choose how often they should get reminders and set limits for work hours.

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Make sure your team members are productive no matter where they are working from.

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Task Management

Organize your team’s work process in one place and track the time spent on tasks.

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Get detailed information about your team’s workflow with statistics, graphs, and more.

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Our Users Love Everything About Work-Life Balance

Jack Anderson

Project Manager

My team loves WebWork, especially for this work-life balance feature. Everyone is using it, and I can see them being more energized as a result of regular reminders to get up, do some stretching and such. I, as a manager, am also satisfied with it as I care for the wellness of my employees.


Does WebWork provide ready-made reminders or should I create my own?

WebWork offers ready-made reminders that you and your team members can choose from.

Can I manage the frequency of the reminder pop-ups?

Only the owner of the workspace can manage the frequency and other settings of reminder pop-ups.

Is the Work-Life Balance feature available during the free trial?

Yes. Work-Life balance is available during the free trial so that you can try it out before paying for it.

Prioritize Employee Wellness with WebWork Tracker

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