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Video Meetings

Hold video meetings with your team in the same place where you work and track time. Start a video conference on WebWork and make collaboration across your team even more efficient.

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Start an instant meeting with WebWork Tracker

Start a Video Meeting Now or Schedule It

On WebWork Video Conferences, you can start an instant meeting or schedule it for later. You simply need to choose the mode, invite members, and start communicating.

Start instant meetings or schedule them for later

For an instant meeting, you simply start the meeting and invite people.

For scheduling a meeting, you set the date, duration, and other details, and wait for the meeting to start on its own.

Moreover, you can make the video meetings recurring so that they start on a regular basis at the set time.

Collaborate Efficiently on Video Meetings

Need to have a quick discussion with your remote team? Instead of chatting back and forth, start a quick video meeting on WebWork, invite team members, and discuss work.

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Start quick video meetings to discuss work with your remote team
Video conferencing software for synchronized collaboration Video conferencing software for synchronized collaboration

Stay on the Same Page with Screensharing

Share your screen on WebWork video conferencing software and ensure everyone is on the same track during the video meeting.

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Prefer Chatting?
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In case you prefer chatting over video conferencing, WebWork has a built-in Team Chat too. Create channels for different purposes, such as work, informal chatting, and more.

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Task Management

Manage your remote team’s work in the same place where you track time and communicate. On WebWork’s built-in Task Management, you can create, assign, and track the progress of tasks.

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Activity Level

See how actively your remote team members are involved in work on detailed activity-level reports. WebWork measures the activity level based on the number of mouse clicks, keystrokes, and scrolls.

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Billable Hours

Pay your employees accurately based on their tracked billable hours. WebWork calculates the amount to be paid based on the set hourly rate.

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Can anyone from the workspace start a video meeting?

Yes, anyone in the workspace can start a video meeting.

Can people outside of my workspace join my video meeting?

No. Only users of WebWork can join video meetings.

Can I record the video meetings?

Currently, WebWork does not support the function of recording video meetings, but it will be available soon.

Collaborate Faster Through Video Communication

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