How to Track Time with WebWork

Time tracking is the ultimate way to ensure work time is used rationally and every minute is spent right. Learn how to track time at work with WebWork.

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Why Track Time with WebWork

Accurate time and
attendance monitoring

Reliable billable hours

Built-in task management

Communication tools

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Here’s How to Track Time with WebWork


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To track time at work, you first need to have a workspace on WebWork. To do that, start by signing up. Note that no credit card is required.

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Set up your workspace and track time


Set up your workspace

Set up your workspace. Set your preferred settings such as timezone, attendance schedule, feature enabling or disabling, and more.


Invite people

Invite team members to complete your workspace setup. Give them member-type roles to organize your workspace management.

Invite team members to your workspace with WebWork Tracker
Add projects and contracts to your workspace


Create projects and contracts

Add projects to your workspace and create contracts. Note that a contract is a must to be able to track time.

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Use WebWork on whatever OS you are. It is available on all major platforms, plus your data is synced so that you can stop tracking on one and continue on another.

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  • Mobile

  • Web

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Features for Productive Tracking

Monitor employee activity in real time

Real-Time Monitoring

See what your employees are up to in real time. Whether they are working or watching a video, you’ll see what exact platform they are on at the moment.

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Gain insights into employee productivity levels

Productivity Monitoring

Get insights into the productivity levels of your employees. On productivity reports, you will see how productive each employee is, how actively they are involved in work, and what they spend work time on.

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Estimate payments based on hourly rates and create invoices

Billable Hours

If you or your team are working based on an hourly rate, the feature of billable hours will estimate how much you need to pay or be paid. Moreover, you can create the invoice and make payments right inside WebWork.

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Monitor work processes with screenshot modes


To get a transparent view of your employees’ work process, you can use the screenshot modes. 4 screenshot modes of WebWork give you a complete view of the work process.

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Organize work, assign tasks and track time

Task Management

Manage tasks and organize your work on WebWork. Create tasks, assign them to your team, and track the time spent on them.

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Engage with your team using team chat and video calls

Team Chat & Video Calls

On WebWork you can communicate with your team members through built-in Team Chat and Video Calls.

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Here’s What You Get with WebWork

Accurate & fast payments

WebWork accurately measures how much you need to pay and be paid based on the set hourly rate and tracked time. Pay invoices right on WebWork to avoid miscalculations.

Productive workflow

WebWork measures how productive you and your employees are. Detailed productivity reports help you find bottlenecks in the work process and eliminate them.

Saved time and effort

Tracking your team’s work hours means getting detailed time data, knowing where exactly every minute goes, and saving time.


How does WebWork guarantee privacy?

WebWork is GDPR compliant meaning we ensure the safety and privacy of our users. Learn more about it here.

Does WebWork offer integrations?

Yes. You can integrate WebWork with a number of tools such as Zapier, ClickUp, Asana, Jira, Slack, GitHub, Trello, and more.

Which operating systems does WebWork support?

You can use WebWork on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Track Time Spent on Tasks with WebWork

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