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how to start free trial with webwork

Start free trial now

Registration is simple and easy, you can create your webwork account in seconds: no credit card required, no charges, no contracts.
Just start your free trial and check how our time tracking software works.

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how to download and install time tracker

Download and Install Time Tracker

Our time tracking software is cross-platform and support all modern
OS-s. So you and your team can track time on Windows, Mac Os, Linux and also on mobile devices: iOS, Android.
Download and install in seconds, save time and money for a long time.

how to invite new user

Invite your collegues

WebWork time tracker is made for freelancers, teams, small and large companies. After creating an account, you can invite your employees by just a few clicks, from team menu.
Just fill their name, email, role, click invite, and they will get an email to accept an invitation and become part of your team. Then they will be ready to work on your projects, do tasks, track time on tasks and projects!

how to create new projects and contracts

Write project name, add date, estimated hours and assign contracts.

Create projects and contracts

In WebWork you can make projects on which your team is going to work. You can have separate tasks for projects and also team tracks time on different projects, you see reports based on projects. To let employee work on the project you just make a contract for him in projects page or in team page.
Our solution provides the easiest and simple way of creating contracts. For each contract you can have a weekly limit in hours, put which screenshot mode, you need: no screenshot, blurred screenshots, background (invisible) screenshots, regular screenshots.

WebWork tracker screenshots how to start tracking time

Start Tracking Time

Tracking time made easy with our superior and powerful tracking software. Just select the contract (and/or task) and click START. When you have finished, click STOP. Nothing more - just it, and the rest software will do itself! You will be able to see reports, screenshots, active window reports, reports about mouse and keyboard clicks and more.

see screenshots in user dashboard page

View Screenshots

Screenshots are the essential functionality in our time-tracking software. Using screenshots you can monitor your employees work activities and understand on what exactly do they work.
On the screenshot report page, you will see also other useful information for each 10 minutes: keyboard and mouse clicks for each minute, active window for each minute, and activity level in percents!

see how much your employees work in timesheet page

Choose a project and see the time spent on it.

See Real-Time Reports

Reports are important. After you and your employees track time using our software, it’s important that you will get detailed data about spent time in your team. We have employee reports, project reports, full reports, active window reports, activity reports, task reports + visualized data with charts and graphics.

see on what your employees spent time in active window page
see applications that your employees use

Check Active Window Reports

Active window reports give you insight of what applications your employees spend the most time. It’s extremely useful tool to understand which time exactly was lost, and on what your team is losing time. After understanding the real problems which decrease your team’s productivity you can take right actions and together we will boost productivity in your team!

visualized time tracking data in statistics page

More Graphical Statistics

When it comes to reviewing time tracking data, visual information is always useful, so we made tools for you to visualize time tracking data and view reports as charts and graphics.
There is three types of charts. So, you can choose the data and chart which is more convenient for you.

 see how to invite a new client

Invite Unlimited Clients

Yes, you can invite UNLIMITED clients for FREE. They will be able to see projects on which you will give them permission. Client is not able to make any changes as they just have the role of observer.
It’s useful to show client proof of work, information about spent time on projects.

see how to generate invoices based on tracked time

Generate Invoices

WebWork Time Tracker has a tool to generate invoice based on real tracked time. So billable hours are being converted to invoices in seconds just with few clicks from Invoice menu.
Invoices can be generated by Project, User, Activity and also by their mixed combinations.


WebWork Time Tracker helps you to stay in touch with your remote team


4 Screenshot modes
for employee monitoring

Time Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking

Activity Levels

WebWork Time Tracker
tracks activity

Online Reports

Timesheet and Statistics,
Exporting Reports

Active Window

Application and Website
usage monitoring


Invoice generator
for billable contracts