Generate Invoices

Generate Invoices

WebWork Time Tracker automatically generates the amount to pay based on the number of tracked hours. Simply set an hourly rate in the billable contract and generate an invoice within a tap.

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Billable contract with an hourly rate and tracked hours

How to Generate an Invoice?

Generate Invoice | WebWork Tracker

To be able to generate an invoice one needs a billable contract with a specified hourly rate. This means that you should have tracked hours so that it will be converted into billable hours. You can set an hourly rate while creating a contract in the Project or Team page.

Apply filters to get your preferred invoice.

Set a date for the invoice.

Press “Go”

Generate Invoices by:

Generate invoices by project, member or activity description
You will see the projects and the amount spent on them.
You will see the members’ names only and the amount you have to pay or they have spent on all contracts and projects.
Activity Description
You will see all activity descriptions of selected members, the projects and the amount.

Please note that the Activity Description Report amount might have a slight difference compared to other reports, because the Activity Description Report consists of several separate data, and the amount of each is being rounded separately.

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Make Your Invoice Look Nice

Customize your invoice
Upload your company’s logo
Fill required information of the invoice provider.
Fill the “bill to” information, invoice number and the date of the provided invoice.
Invoice template | WebWork Tracker
Review and finalize the generated invoice

Finalize Your Invoice

Review and finalize the generated invoice

Now you have your invoice generated in a table. You need to check the projects and make sure this is exactly what you need to send to your project viewer. You need to export the invoice and email it to your project viewer.

Note, that invoices are not editable. They are generated based on your billable contracts and the hours you have tracked.


Can I set a different hourly rate for each employee if they have the same contract?

Yes, you can set a different hourly rate for each employee as they are not connected with each other in any way. This means that one project can consist of different contracts that have separate hourly rates. Also, if you do not want your employee to see the rate, you can simply put “Don’t show rate” and it will not be visible to him/her.

Can I change the hourly rate whenever I want?

If you have already tracked time with a specified hourly rate and then change the rate, it will only affect the new tracked time, the earlier tracked time will remain unchanged.

Can I edit the invoice?

No you can’t edit the invoice because the amount is generated based on the tracked hours and thus it cannot be changed. You can change the filters of days, projects, employees, but you cannot change the invoice that is already generated.

Who can generate invoices?

The owner and also the project manager and the executive manager if the owner gives access.

Generate Invoices Easily with WebWork Time Tracker

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