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Time Tracker for employees

Superior tool for employee time tracking and monitoring.

Track your employees time, view screenshots, check activity levels, assign tasks and export reports.

Kanban and Checkbox boards for task management system

Task Management System

WebWork offers easy to use, multifunctional and real time task management system with Kanban and Checkbox boards.

applications and websites monitoring during the working hours

Web and App Monitoring

WebWork tracks how much time employee spent on each application or website during their working time.

get greatly structured reports

Gain Visibility

Track the productivity of your employees with greatly structured graphics, real-time reports and accurate timesheets.

monitor employees with time tracking software

Employee Monitoring

With this time tracker, employers will be able to monitor their employees, track the working processes, reveal which tasks take much time and increase the productivity of workers. WebWork tracks not only the total time spent by each employee, but also provide an analysis of how much time is spent on projects and tasks, provide activity level of employees, it provides automatically generated statistical data, graphs, online reports. It is superior tool for employee time tracking and monitoring.

activity level in every screenshot

Screenshots and Activity Levels

WebWork Time Tracker software records your employee’s screen, takes random screenshots and record activity levels of employees. It calculates activity based on mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. Employee can choose whether to keep screenshot or delete it. Time Tracker for employees offers 4 types of Screenshot modes:

  • Screenshot mode
  • Background mode
  • Blurred Screenshot mode
  • No Screenshot mode

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application and browser monitoring feature
exports reports in PDF,XLS and CSV

App and Website Usage Monitoring

Tracker also has application and browser monitoring features. WebWork tracks the applications and websites that your employee use during their working hours. All this information generates in the Apps and Websites Report.

In Apps and Websites Report page you can see the application name and how much time the employee has spent using it, understand what tasks require more time and what not.


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