Activity Description

Activity Description

Describe your activity while tracking your time to get more specific and accurate reports

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Activity Description | WebWork Tracker

Get Real View of Work

Activity Descriptions are Helpful

Describe Activity | WebWork Tracker

Describe Your Activity

Describe Activity | WebWork Tracker

On the WebWork Desktop App, you can see a special field for activity description. It gives you the opportunity to describe what you are doing at that moment. It helps you to divide the project or a task into several components. Activity Descriptions are also available for Mobile Tracker and Web Tracker.

Activity Description Reports

Manual Time | WebWork Tracker

Activity descriptions are available on the Screenshot report page and Timeline report and there is also a special exportable report for Activity Descriptions. This gives you detailed information about what the particular employee was working on in terms of the project. Choose dates, group hours by descriptions and export them in different formats.

Manual Time | WebWork Tracker
Describe Activity | WebWork Tracker

Edit Activity Descriptions

Describe Activity | WebWork Tracker

Activity descriptions can be changed from Timeline report page -> Edit Timeline Intervals. Describe your specific work, select the time interval and project and you are done.


Can I change the activity description without stopping the tracker?

Yes, you can easily change the activity description while tracking on the Desktop tracker, Mobile Tracker and the Web Tracker.

Who can see all the data about my activity descriptions?

All reports and statistics are available for the executive manager and owner. The project manager can see reports and statistics of projects where he/she is a manager.

Can I edit or add an activity description later? stored?

Yes, you can add or edit your activity descriptions from the Timeline report -> Edit Timeline Intervals.

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