Time Tracker For Windows

Powerful time tracking solution for all platforms

Stop thinking about how you and your employees spend time, just focus on your work. WebWork will help you understand how you and your team members use Windows.

  • See work in progress with real time dashboard
  • Know what your team members are doing with automatic screenshots
  • Find out employees’ activity level based on keyboard and mouse usage
  • Be informed which applications and websites are used at working time
  • Know how much time spend on each project, contract and task
  • Easily export and share detailed timesheets and other reports
Time Tracker for Windows

Time Tracker for Windows

WebWork for Windows not only tracks your desktop time, but it also covers the activity level, counts the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, records active applications and browser windows. Browser monitoring will show how much time user spends on entertainment, social media and on actual work. WebWork also gives you different types of detailed reports which will help you understand your and your employees working habits and improve their efficiency and productivity. All kinds of reports can easily be exported in different formats and shared with partners or clients.

how to start tracking time

Start Tracking

WebWork Time Tracker sits on your taskbar. Here you open a window where you can easily start work by clicking the start button and after it is finished, click the stop button, see how much you have worked for a day or for a week, manage tasks and easily go to your dashboard page. In dashboard page you can review screenshots, activity levels, timesheets, manage projects and generate invoices. Start tracking your and your team’s work hours and this powerful software will help you to stay organized and increase productivity.

dashboard page

Employee Monitoring

Windows application is quick and easy way to manage projects and increase productivity of employees. With visualized data of employees, managers can easily monitor their employees and track projects’ progress. The screenshots and browser monitoring will show how much time employee spends on entertainment, social media and on actual work.
Activity level recording will help you understand which employees are the most active during the working day and who needs to increase activity. The detailed reports will help you see the time spent on each project, task.

how to start tracking on windows

Easy Steps to Start for Windows

  • Create your WebWork Time Tracker account
  • Download our Windows desktop time tracking app
  • Create projects, add contracts on the Project page
  • Start the timer just by clicking on the Start button

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