Time Tracker For Mac OS

Install WebWork time tracking and
employee monitoring software for Mac OS.

  • Time Tracking
  • Screenshot Capturing
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Unlimited Users
  • Various Reports
  • Web and App Monitoring
WebWork Time Tracker for mac os
Time Tracker for mac
Time Tracker for Mac

WebWork for Mac

Install WebWork Time Tracker for Mac as a desktop app to increase productivity of work. Native WebWork Mac OSX application easily transfer and visualizing data in web version. You can easily see activity level, screenshots, apps and websites used at work time and also spent time on each project, task with different type of graphs and charts. Time Tracker for Mac sits in your taskbar, so you can quickly start and stop timers and always know exactly how many minutes you’ve been working.

employee monitoring software for mac os

Employee Monitoring

With our powerful software you can easily monitor your employees, track their activity and help them improve their productivity. Tracker will take random screenshots of employees screen once in every 10 minutes and counts keystrokes and mouse clicks for each minute and also shows users’ average activity level per day by percentage. You always will have an idea on which websites and applications the employee spend more time, whether he works on the current task or spends time on Facebook or Twitter.

time tracking features for mac os

Task Management

Use real-time task management system directly in your WebWork account, organize tasks, reorder them with drag and drop function and track time on each task.

Screenshot Capturing

WebWork Time Tracker for Mac offers 4 types of Screenshot modes: Screenshot mode, Background mode, Blurred Screenshot mode, No Screenshot mode

Detailed Reports

See results of your screenshots, activity levels in the form of detailed reports and statistics in your WebWork account, export reports in XLS or CSV.

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how to start tracking on mac

Easy Steps to Start for MacOS

  • Create your WebWork Time Tracker account
  • Download our Mac desktop time tracking app
  • Create projects, add contracts on the Project page
  • Start the timer just by clicking the Start button

Set up and download the app in few seconds

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