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Activity Level | WebWork Tracker

Activity Level

Activity Level Report | WebWork Tracker

Get more detailed information about the average activity of a whole day/week by percentage with activity levels of employees based on their mouse clicks and keyboard strokes . Use the Activity Level feature of WebWork Time Tracker to measure team’s performance and to see progress throughout the week.

Activity Level Report | WebWork Tracker
Level Activity | WebWork Tracker

Accurate data

Measure Activity Level with Time Tracking

Activity Level Tracking | WebWork Tracker

Track your Team’s Activity

Activity Level Tracking | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker offers three activity levels. Each of them is shown by a different color next to the user's name and indicate the average activity level of a whole day.

How is Activity Level Generated?

Tracker activity recording | WebWork Tracker

Activity level feature is available only on the Desktop Tracker like the Screenshots and Apps & Websites Usage Monitoring features. The activity level is generated by using a well-calculated formula that measures the percentage based on the quantity of mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Please note, low activity level does not necessarily indicate being non-productive because it highly depends on the task. For example if an employee is reading, researching or performing some other activity he/she does not use keyboard or mouse that much. Thus, this feature needs to be measured based on individual cases.

Activity Level Generate | Web Work

Real-time data

Where can you see the Activity Level?

Find the Top Members of your Team

Time Tracking with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Identify the Top Members on your Dashboard and analyze productivity of others for getting more results in the future.
Time Tracking with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker

Desktop Tracker and Activity


The Desktop Tracker automatically stops tracking time if you don’t perform any activity for a certain time interval. It means that you don’t use the keyboard or mouse for 7 minutes or more.

The inactivity interval is set to 7 minutes by default and can be changed by the owner of the workspace.


Can I export Activity Reports? icon

Yes, you can create reports which will show user name, activity description, project name, duration, date and easily export them in different formats.

Who can see all data about activity levels? icon

All reports and statistics are available for the executive manager and owner. The project manager can see reports and statistics of projects where he/she is a manager.

Does the tracker show what I type or where I click? icon

No, the tracker only tracks the quantity of mouse clicks and keystrokes. No one can see what you have typed or where you have clicked.

Make your Managing Process easier with Activity Levels Monitoring