Employee Activity Level

Employee Activity Level

Get detailed information about the average employee activity level based on the number of their keystrokes and mouse clicks. With the help of employee activity levels on WebWork, you can easily measure the average performance of each employee.

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Activity Level Report | WebWork Tracker

Track Time and Employee Activity Level

Activity Level Tracking | WebWork Tracker

Monitor Your Team’s Activity

Activity Level Tracking | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker categorizes users into 3 levels:

Each level has its corresponding color so that you can easily differentiate the average employee activity level for the whole day.

How is employee activity level report generated?

Tracker activity recording | WebWork Tracker

WebWork generates reports for each employee by counting the number of their mouse clicks and keystrokes. However, note that it is not always the only indicator of being productive, so keep other factors in mind as well.

The feature of employee activity level is available on the Desktop Tracker just like the features of Screenshots and App and Website Usage.

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Real-time data

Where can I view the reports?

Find Out the Top Members of Your Team

Time Tracking with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
WebWork helps you identify the top members of your workspace and analyze the productivity levels of everyone else.
Time Tracking with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker

Desktop Tracker and Activity


The tracker automatically stops tracking after some time of inactivity on the device. The interval of inactivity is customizable meaning you can set any number of minutes. It is set to 7 by default but you are free to change it.


Can I export Activity Reports?

Yes, you can export the activity reports as CSV, XLS or PDF.

Who can see the data of generated reports?

The owner and the executive manager can see all reports, while Project Managers can only see those of the projects they are assigned to.

Does the tracker show what I type or where I click?
No, the tracker does not record what you type or click. It only tracks the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes.

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