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Accurate Time Tracking with a Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension | WebWork Time Tracker

WebWork TimeTracker Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use tool for optimizing time management in your favorite Task Management apps. Minimize time wasted on routines with the WebWork Chrome extension and develop a habit of focusing on the most important things.

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Chrome Extension | WebWork Time Tracker
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Integrate WebWork with your Favorite Tool

Integrations | WebWork Tracker

Connect WebWork Time Tracker with other tools you use every day, such as Jira, Asana, Clickup, Trello, and enjoy productivity.

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How to use WebWork Chrome Extension

Step 1

Create a WebWork Time Tracker account

Step 2

Connect your favorite tool with WebWork Time Tracker

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Step 3

Install WebWork Time Tracker Chrome Extension

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Step 4

Start tracking and enjoy your productive day

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Chrome Extension Setup | WebWork Tracker

Teams use WebWork to not only overcome time gaps but also monitor their employees.

Features That Make Your Workflow Easier

Billable hours icon | WebWork features

Billable Hours

If you are paid an hourly rate, WebWork has a solution for you as well. Once you have your hourly rate set, WebWork will generate corresponding invoices based on the determined hourly rate. It is convenient for freelancers to assess time-management and obtain proof of work.

Reports icon | WebWork features

Online Reports

Visualize the data with tables, charts and graphs and get an understanding of your employees’ work progress. Identify working patterns to improve your team’s performance.

Tasks icon | WebWork features

Member Types

 Task Management | WebWork Tracker

Organize your Workspace by assigning different member types with distinct role permissions. Manage their level of access to create a structured workplace.

 Task Management | WebWork Tracker


Task Management | WebWork Tracker

Visualize the data with tables, charts and graphs and get an understanding of your employees’ work progress. Identify working patterns to improve your team’s performance.

Task Management | WebWork Tracker


Experience all features of WebWork at 4.99 $ per user/month



per user/month
14-day trial. No credit card required


per user/month
Access to all features with unlimited projects and project viewers


per user/month
Custom solution for 40+ team members


Does the Chrome Extension Tracker have all the mentioned features? icon

The extension tracker only tracks time. It does not have the screenshot and monitoring features such as app and website usage, activity monitoring and others.

Will the Chrome Extension Tracker also take screenshots? icon

No. The Chrome Extension Tracker does not take screenshots. It only tracks time.

Is the Extension included in all pricing plans? icon

Yes, WebWork Chrome Extension is included in all pricing plans.

Do I need permission to use the Chrome Extension Tracker? icon

Yes. Your owner needs to enable the Extension Tracking function from their settings (Go to Settings- Tracker- Permissions).

Use WebWork Chrome Extension To Improve Productivity

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