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WebWork vs Hubstaff comparison

Time Tracker
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Hubstaff vs WebWork comparison

Spend less time tracking and more time growing

WebWork Time Tracker VS Hubstaff Tracker

Hubstaff and WebWork are quite similar time tracking softwares, both are dedicated to large companies that hiring remote teams and freelancers. With this time tracking applications companies are able to manage their workflow and increase productivity. Apps allow users to track their or their team performance in real time and receive detailed reports. Hubstaff and WebWork time trackers are available on all major OS. They have several differences which is shown below.

WebWork features


Computer Usage Tracking

Screenshot Capturing

Screenshot Modes

Screenshot frequency

Activity Level Monitoring

App and Web Monitoring


Team Time tracking

Task Management

Task Tracking

Manual Time Entry

Billable Hours Tracking



GPS tracking

Offline Mode

Hubstaff features

Screenshot Capturing, Screenshot Modes

WebWork and Hubstaff have the function to take random screenshots of the screen, that is the main feature of monitoring remote employees. WebWork and Hubstaff also have different screenshots mode, so you always can choose right one for the particular contract.

Website and Application Tracking

They track application and website usage. Real-time reports will give you detailed insights of how and how long websites and applications were used. This feature will help you maximize productivity.

Invoice Generator for Billable Contracts

WebWork and Hubstaff users are able to generate invoices and send them to their clients or partners. They can request payment for tracked and recorded work in the app. Both trackers work very accurately and have real proof of work.

Task Management Tool

Both trackers offer task management system directly in your account. It makes easy to organize and categorize your and your team’s work. You can easily assign task, track time for particular task and get real-time reports. The reports also available to export.

Time tracking software is the best way to truly understand how long it takes to complete a particular project or how many employees are needed to complete the work. Both Hubstaff and WebWork Time Trackers are offering real-time reports. Different type of detailed reports will allow you to do future forecast with great accuracy.

WebWork report types
Hubstaff report types

Report Types


  • Timesheet
  • Timeline
  • Activity Level
  • Attendance
  • Activity Description
  • Applications & Websites
  • Statistics
  • Tasks
  • Productivity
  • Invoice


  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Projects
  • Members
  • Custom

WebWork and Hubstaff are very accurate time trackers, they offer an extra features that help to track real time that you spend on work. One of features is offline mode, when your internet shuts down unexpectedly, they will continue tracking time and taking screenshots, so you will never miss your hours. Another important feature is automatic stops. When your employees don't perform any activity for a long time tracker automatically stops. The interval you can set yourself and change any time you need it.

WebWork price per user/month


Hubstaff price per user/month

Use than Pay

Pay than Use

Use than Pay

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pay than Use

Limited free version





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