tracker-fbTime Tracking tools become quite popular these days. Internet has become one big labor market, where people from different continents can reach each other and work as a great team.

More affordable employees, better specialists, language preferences can be few of so many reasons, why employers are going for remote employees. With the all pros and conses, the remote work needs specific management. Of course, clients and employers mostly care about the results, but in remote work the process of the work is important as well. Lets not to forget that most Freelancers, for examlpe, are paid per hour.

And here the Time Tracking tools, such as WebWork Time Tracker can be the great solution. Freelancers are tracking their work time, the activity level (mouse clicks, keyboard strokes), the screen captures (optional to use) are being recorded,  and the client just logs in his account and he is able to see, how his employee or remote worker performed that day. And as for a Freelancer, it is a great tool to keep everything tracked and organised, as he/she will has an actual demonstration of the work process.

About the arguments, whether it is ethical to monitor employee’s screen or not: we believe, that if your client makes payment on hourly basis, first of all it should be ethical to turn off all the personal or entertaining pages and work on your tasks that you are being paid for, and turn the tracker off, when you need a break.   On the other hand, if client doesn’t need to see screenshots of the work process, you always can choose No Screenshot mode.

Time Tracking tools are also great solution for companiesTracking time on each project you are working on, tracking tasks and activities, tracking the start and the end of the working day, breaks, meetings, phone calls are a great opportunity to evaluate the productivity of each employee and the company overall.

To sum up, here is a list of WebWork users:
– Freelancers
– Remote Workers
– Outsourcing teams, companies
– Work-from-home-employees
– Companies
– Teams
– Individuals

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