Let’s see what is new in 2.0.1 version of WebWork Tracker.

  1. Tracking Time on Tasks:
    – Now you can track time on your tasks.  You need to choose the Project and then you can select a task from the project to track time on. Please, make sure, you were assigned to the task, otherwise you will not see the task in the tracker.
    Time Tracking on Task

    – You may select <no task> if you don’t use Task Management system.
    – You will find Task Reports in the Reports of your browser account.

    IconPlease note, that Task Report amount might have a slight difference comparing to other reports, because Task Report consists from several separate data, and the amount of each is being rounded separately.

    2. Refresh Data in the Tracker
    Now with one button you are able to refresh your data in the Tracker to get new Projects, Tasks or any changes on your contracts.
    Refresh Button

    3. Blurred Screenshots
    New Screenshot Mode Blurred Screenshot is live now. You may use this mode when you need to show the screenshot of working process, but you would like to protect Privacy.

    Blurred Screenshot

    4. Autocomplete function for  Activity Description. 
    Now tracker will remember your activity descriptions of all time and will suggest you options while you are typing.

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