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Monitor your employees’ work hours and computer activities in real time. Track time with screenshots, record attendance and monitor activity level to use your team’s potential to the fullest.

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Employee Monitoring Software | WebWork Tracker

Employee-Friendly tool

Employee Monitoring for Powerful Insights

WebWork Employee Monitoring Software gives real-time data to monitor your team’s workplace activities.

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Increase Transparency

Capture random screenshots in each 10-min interval to get detailed information about your employees’ activities.

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Improve Punctuality

Automatic attendance tracking allows you to record the time your employees arrive and leave the workplace.

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Track Productivity

See how productive your team is by tracking their activity level based on keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

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Gain Visibility

Monitor what apps and websites your employees are using the most and observe how they spend their work time.

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Everything You Need for Effective Employee Monitoring

Time Tracker with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker
Time tracking with screenshots | WebWork Tracker

Time Tracking with Screenshots

Time Tracker with Screenshots | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Employee Monitoring Software offers 4 screenshot modes, thus allowing you to choose the one that is more suitable to your team. You can view the screenshots along with useful specifications about computer activity on the Screenshot reports page.

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Attendance Tracking

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WebWork Time Tracker provides the easiest and fastest solution to track employees’ presence. It gives you quick information about who arrived when, who left when and who covered the required working hours.

All this data is generated on a single page to give you an immediate understanding of check-in and check-out.

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Wondering How You would Benefit from Employee Monitoring?

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Apps and Websites Monitoring

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Have immediate access to the list of top apps and websites that your employees are using to identify how relevant they are to their work duties.

Categorizing them as productive, non-productive and neutral allows you to get an easy understanding of how your employees spend their work time. You can view the productivity score on a visualized chart on the dashboard page.

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Activity Monitoring

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WebWork Employee Monitoring App records your team’s activity level by specifying the quantity of mouse and keyboard actions. The 3 activity levels are the following:

You can see the percentage rates separated with appropriate colors on the Activity Level Reports page.

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Activity monitoring | WebWork Tracker
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Stay on Top of your Competitors with Real-time Employee Monitoring

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