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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Invest in Time Tracking Software

Gone are the times when managers would stand over their employee’s shoulders to monitor their performance. Now, elaborate software with a form of intelligence, such as Time Tracking Software, can do the job for you.

Watching and analyzing the way your employees behave during paid working hours is not a nightmare any more thanks to Time Tracking. But have you ever held your thought on why you should actually consider investing in Time Tracking Software? Well, we have got 5 major reasons to justify your potential investment. Learn them now!


Social Media Time Waste

Time Tracking Software

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, you name it! There is always so much attractive going on in social platforms. And, your employees are dying to check that one or two post of their feed, even when they are at work. That’s right! At work too! 67% of workers regularly check social media while working. You wouldn’t want to pay someone for spending time on social media, would you?

Let us tell you that having policies in place that prohibit your employees from social media usage while on the clock will not solve your problem. In fact, 77% of workers use social media at work, when prohibited of such.

Thus, investing in a time tracker would be your right choice for minimizing your employee’s wasted time on social media to zero.


Internet Surfing

Time Tracking Software

Other than spending time on social media, your employees spend lots of time surfing the internet. Believe us; lots of time!

You will agree with the fact that you, as well, don’t notice how time flies when you are on the internet on your own business. Isn’t that right? Well, your employees also don’t catch how time passes and work remains undone while they open that one more page on the web.

This results in lots of wasted time that costs real money to you. Bummer! You can prevent that though, by investing in a time tracking software! Simple as that! Monitor your employee’s working time and screen, and you will be safe to go!


Manager Control by Distance

Time Tracking Software

Whenever on a business trip, or a holiday that puts you on a far distance from your employees and company operations, have you felt the struggle to keep up with everything that takes place in your business while you are away? We bet you have! It is a major struggle for many business owners.

Yet, with a time tracking software that is also an employee monitoring software, such as WebWork Time Tracker, you won’t have to worry about that again. No matter how far you are physically, you can always keep an eye on your company operations and your employees’ work progress remotely with ease!

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Idle Computer Time

Time Tracking Software

How do you know your employees are actually doing the work they are supposed to do, even when they are logged in to their computers?

How do you know if your employees have run off to another coffee break or hallway chat, living their computers idle for a long period of time, which actually can cost you a lot of money?

Well, you don’t! Sad truth, but admit it! Unless you use a time tracking software, you will never know how much of your time your employees actually spend on real work.


Overtime Data

Time Tracking Software

As normal and reasonable it is, many companies like yours pay for overtime hours. But before paying those overtimes, you better have accurate data on how much overtime has been worked, and how much overtime has actually been spent on real work. You get it, don’t you? A Time Tracker is your friend here!

Yet, keep in mind that overtime increases not only from heavy workload, but also from employee unproductivity, many absences, idle computer time or long periods of internet surfing…If you track that working time, no time leaks will be guaranteed! Let alone, paying for those time leaks as overtime! Hell no!

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