You have been waiting for this — a payroll system in your time-tracking tool. Once again WebWork is bringing convenience to time-tracking and payroll processing.


Now you can pay and get paid straight on WebWork. 

Let’s get right to the heart of the payroll.

Why is WebWork payroll system a big deal?

Imagine tracking time, managing tasks and projects, communicating, managing attendance, leave, app and website usage, and now also paying your employees, all on a single platform. 

You do not have to use a separate app to calculate hours for payroll and then another tool to pay through. With WebWork, you will save time on the mundane time conversion process. Meanwhile, you will have all the tools at hand in one place. 

Cause now WebWork has it all. 

How to calculate payroll hours on WebWork? 

To calculate hours for payroll, you will only need to set an hourly rate for each employee. WebWork will calculate the amount to be paid based on the rate and number of hours worked. 

You can then pay straight on WebWork through Stripe. WebWork has integrated Stripe as its main payment gateway. It means in order to send and receive payment, you will need to attach your active Stripe account to your WebWork account. Soon, we will introduce Wise as another payment option, providing our users with greater flexibility. 

What else can you do with WebWork Payroll?

While simplifying the process of payments and enabling you to calculate payroll hours for your employees, WebWork lets you do even more.

The payroll system of WebWork expands beyond the built-in functionality. It also involves integration possibilities with other leading industry tools. 

In the scope of payroll systems, you can integrate WebWork with Deel, one of the largest HR, hiring, and payroll companies. For starters, you can import your team members from Deel to WebWork, and send their worked hours and timesheets from WebWork to Deel. 

Another payment option that you can integrate with WebWork, is Bitwage, a leading cryptocurrency payroll system. Upon integrating it, make sure the other side accepts your invitation in their Bitwage account. Only after their acceptance can you proceed with the payment. 

In the same way, the payroll system also allows you to integrate WebWork with the accounting software Xero. This integration will allow you to automate the critical aspect of the payment process. 

One more good news…

As a result of our cooperation with market-leading companies, including leading companies in payroll like Deel and Lano, we also offer perks to our customers.

When you become a customer of WebWork, you get perks and benefits from a number of industry-leading tools.

What’s next? 

Stay tuned for the future as WebWork continues to forge partnerships and introduce new possibilities for our users. 

You can expect more exciting features and functionalities that will streamline the work process of your employees even more.

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