As we have promised before, we will continue our tour inside of WebWork Time Tracker. We will reveal those advantages which you can benefit from WebWork and make your work much more convenient.
In the 1st part, we talked about 5 features, which you probably didn’t have been using (we do hope you already filled the gap).
Another 4 significant points have been left last time. Let’s review them now!

1.From Tracker to Dashboard

Just one jump from your tracker to your dashboard!
You can move to your reports and screenshot pages directly from the tracker window. Hence, you acquire a chance to access the required information instantly.
time tracking software dashboard

2.Tagging Projects and Filtering Them

It is crucial to take control over your projects and know how to work on them correctly. WebWork Time Tracker gives you a chance to reach your goals on each project by tagging and filtering them.
project management

3.Screenshot Reports in More Details

In your screenshot report page you will find many more surprises than you have expected. Besides a screenshot of your desk, there are also more detailed reports. The latter are about your local IP address, your activity in percentages, about which active window you have used etc.
screenshot reports

4.Detailed Review in Task Section

In both Checkbox and Kanban versions of our task management system, next to the specific task, you will find a small info button. It will take you deeper in each of the tasks. Then, you can see the descriptions, discussions regarding to each task and also mark start and end dates for them.
task details
Hope you made a use of the above stated sections related to WebWork Time Tracker features, which could have been missed out of your attention. We are continuously working on the improvements and innovation, trying to make WebWork Time Tracker the best for use.
And, remember, please, we are always glad and always open for your suggestions and considerations with an eye to make the tool more useful and valuable for your needs.

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