Remote work gave a new meaning to the remote payment of employees and increased the need for accurate payroll systems. And indeed, to pay and be paid accurately and effortlessly is of utmost importance for both parties. 

It is especially a burning issue for teams dispersed around the globe. They need to be able to trust the payment platform they use and make sure their transactions are secure, on time, and accurate. 

When you pay employees in different countries, you might encounter international taxation laws, currency exchange rates, and transaction fees. 

In fact, the list is much longer, including payroll-related government forms, employer-owed payroll taxes, end-of-year payroll taxes and reports, and more.

Moreover, you also have to deal with a long list of different payroll compliance laws.

That is why an efficient, reliable, and convenient method is essential for remote team management. 

This management process involves not only the payment aspect but also hiring and onboarding, which, let’s admit it, is not an easy task. 

Luckily, there is a tool that meets all these requirements and is well-known and highly trusted in the industry. 

Lano is a global payroll and EOR platform for hiring and paying workforce all over the world.

It enables paying employees in more than 170 countries with 28 supported currencies.

It is the goal of Lano to rid remote teams of the struggle with different labor laws and allow them to access the international talent pool without obstacles. By complying with remote work best standards, Lano provides a platform where you can hire, onboard, and organize all aspects of payroll.

How does WebWork intersect with Lano?

At WebWork, we strive to create and deliver the best industry practices to our users. That’s why we have partnered with one of the biggest payroll and global hiring platforms.

WebWork’s expertise in remote work management and Lano’s specialization in global payroll and EOR are set to contribute to a powerful system for remote work management.

What does this partnership mean for WebWork users and remote work?

At WebWork, we are committed to creating and securing the best conditions for our customers and users.

If you have a remote team or need to hire an employee from another country, as a devoted customer of WebWork, you can use Lano to hire, onboard, and pay your workforce with a discount of up to 20%.

Get 10% off if you hire 5 EORs (employer of record) and 20% off when you hire 11+ EORs. 

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