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Why WebWork is Efficient for Employee Monitoring

Have you ever wondered how your employees spend their working time? Do you feel the pressure to monitor them for ensuring maximum efficiency? Well, you have come to the right place! WebWork is the right choice of software for your employee monitoring needs. It has so many valuable features that you can use. As a result, you will boost your employees’ productivity every single day, hour, minute and even second.

Well, take a look at these 3 major reasons why WebWork is efficient for employee monitoring. And, suit yourself!

Time Tracking

WebWork is originally a time tracking software, a flawless tool for tracking your employees’ time spent on each project. If you are looking for reliance, you better not hesitate here! With WebWork Time Tracking software, you can always be aware of how productive your employees are, having monitored the streamline of their work. Handy reports on various aspects of their performance will help you keep your workforce more efficient.

Screen Monitoring

Besides being a time tracking software , WebWork is also a screen monitoring software. It incorporates a variety of flexible screenshot monitoring modes, enabling you to keep an eye on your employee’s screen activity. Do they spend time on social media? Any other non work-related activities? Or, maybe on the work itself? You will know all about it with WebWork’s periodic screenshots at your reach.

Task Management

Guess what? WebWork Time Tracker has a top-notch Task Management system. It is perfectly designed to assist you in efficiently managing your employees’ tasks. Creating, assigning, editing and deleting tasks are an easy process thanks to the simplicity and convenience of the task boards. And, you can see the history of pending, ongoing, completed and overdue tasks right on your sight. It allows you to keep on track with your tasks easily.

Now, you tell us! Aren’t these 3 features of WebWork a catch for efficiently monitoring your employees? Let alone, their direct impact on enhancing employee productivity.

Huh? What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you. So, go ahead, leave us a comment below.


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