Shout out to all the freelancers out there. We think you rock! We say it with pride and enthusiasm because we know how challenging and overwhelming your work can be.

Yet, you all have risen and proven to the world that freelancing is as serious as office job and it takes a lot of skills to do it right. As a matter of fact, a recent large-scale survey shows that freelancers make up 35% of the U.S. workforce. Impressive, huh? Seems like freelancing is the future of the working industry! It is also possible to automate the process of finding freelance jobs. Additionally, you can use an automated job search platform such as

Now let’s discover the top 5 benefits of freelancing that have made the freelance industry take over the world. They are really promising and pleasantly satisfying. So, keep your expectations high, and let’s get rolling.

Being Your Own Boss

Being a freelancer comes with the benefit of being your own boss. How cool is that? You get to pick what to work on. You operate on your own terms and are in charge of everything single-handedly. That is right; it comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility too. Yet, it is still rewarding.

Be it finishing work early to attend a party with friends or taking a day-off because you feel like doing it, you are free to do it all. Have a friend visiting for the afternoon? No biggies! You can continue your work later! Feeling like raising your rates to get extra cash for purchasing that latest iPhone? No one is to stop you! You get it, don’t you?
benefits of freelancing

Earning Higher Net Income

In a life of a freelancer, you don’t need to worry about asking your boss for a salary raise. As you already know, you are your own boss now. Not satisfied with your hourly rate? Go ahead and raise it. You are the only one to decide how much you charge for each hour and project. In fact, freelancing brings much more money than an average desk job does. And, that’s the top drive of freelancing, along with schedule flexibility.

Moreover, freelancers don’t have high expenditures. No daily transportation costs or additional costs for lunches and special working clothes. As a result, higher gross income is guaranteed. What a double win! You earn extra money and save extra money.

Having More Hours to Sleep

We bet you love to sleep. In fact, sleep plays a vital role in your mental and physical health. And, a lot of working people are struggling with getting enough sleep before hitting the road to work. 6 AM alarm clocks set! Snooze buttons hit over and over! The hunger for sleep felt again and again! They never get it enough.

Good news for freelancers, though! You can sleep and have daytime naps as much as you want. Zzz’s! You have the secret weapon of flexible scheduling, and sleep is yours. Whether you want to start work at 11 AM or 2 PM in the afternoon, it is your choice. Do whatever you want and stay in bed as much as you want, as long as you responsibly schedule your workload.

Working From Anywhere

These days, freelancing isn’t about working from home. It is about working from wherever you want and whenever you want. Oh, autonomy! And, by saying wherever, we mean WHEREVER! Be it a local café, your grandma’s house, your patio, the local library, barber shop, laundromat, a beautiful park, or even the roof of your building. You choose the place. Find what atmosphere motivates and inspires you to work, and get going there.

As long as you meet your deadlines, who cares where you work from? Not your clients for sure! Then, what shall stop you? You can even be more adventurous and join freelancers around the world, who consistently travel from country to country and from continent to continent while enjoying their remote work.

Discovering New Passions

As a freelancer, you may handle projects from different cultures and with different requirements. Is that right? Now, think about all the possibilities of learning new and exciting things while working in such a diversified atmosphere.

Amazing, right? That’s where and when you get granted to discover new passions. Maybe, while a client assigns you as a social media strategist, to design some posts for a social media project, you find yourself actually good at designing. You discover that you love and you excel at it without having a clue about it before.

There you are! The other of benefits of freelancing are constantly learning, growing, and rediscovering your own skills and interests.

Tools for Freelancers

Freelancers need tools for making remote work effective and easier. At the moment, there are a big variety of such tools as time trackers, project management, communication, and other tools in the market. By the way, some of these tools even let you send an invoice to your client right away. Surely these tools will help to get the benefits of freelancing.

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