Mastering Your Time Being a Freelancer: Time Tracking for Better Writing

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Only at first glance, it seems that a freelancer has the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. In fact, it is an equally responsible job that has its own limitations, time frames, and peculiarities. After all, it happens that a freelancer simply loses track of time. It may seem to him that a lot has passed, but in fact – only a few minutes. Or, on the contrary, look for a moment in the social network – to lose a lot of time and, accordingly, fill up your deadlines.

Therefore, a person who does not know how to properly manage his time resources does not feel responsible for himself, and will not be able to work under impartial management. Because freedom of action requires even greater responsibility, first of all, to oneself. If you are not one of those people who shift responsibility to others, including circumstances, then let’s talk about how to successfully work as a freelancer and use your own time to your benefit. 

8 ways to track and plan time for better writing

Let’s consider the main points that allow us to understand how freelancers manage their time to improve the quality of writing and work in general.

Make a work schedule

For those who have not dealt with time planning until now, it is best to start by making a work schedule. But try to make it as realistic as possible. That is, to leave enough time to complete the tasks, but at the same time – to keep up with the plan. Be sure to summarize the week and analyze how successfully you were able to work according to the schedule. According to the data, only 33% use spreadsheets to plan their tasks.

Be able to set priorities

Usually, freelancers work on several projects at the same time. That is why it is important for them to plan work according to priority – to implement projects in stages according to importance, deadline, etc. To do this, when making a daily list of things, you need to write them down in order of priority. Experienced authors with Essay Writer Pro do the same thing. This allows us to deliver projects frequently and maintain high client satisfaction.

Control time with trackers

The biggest problem many freelance writers have is that they are easily distracted. And then, as a rule, it is difficult to force yourself to focus and return to current affairs. To begin with, you should try working with special trackers, such as Pomodoro, which will help you take breaks and not be distracted while working. Over time, this skill will become a permanent habit.

Delegate projects

If you work in a team, it is very important to be able to competently distribute tasks. Otherwise, you can expect big problems with projects. Make a list of common tasks and then distribute them among the team members. So you will notice that the work is done on time, and there is more time left. Remember that time is the most valuable resource of a freelancer, so it should be used as efficiently as possible.

Make a clear distinction between work and personal life

If you don’t have a clear schedule, you’ll feel guilty over time. It seems to you that you need to work constantly and it is even more tiring. If there is no schedule of work and rest, then it is time to become a manager of your time. For this, you can use time trackers, applications, or other organizers.

Improve self-organization

If you don’t have a sense of organization from birth, don’t worry. It can be practiced by applying continuous task planning. This is especially important for people who work on several projects at the same time. Planning your working days and even weeks, you will be surprised to notice that not only do you have time to do everything, but there is even time for rest. There are a few ways you can improve self organization, some of which were touched on above. These include prioritizing tasks, time tracking or time blocking (to allocate specific time slots for certain tasks), or outlining and organizing your tasks using digital calendars or docs.

Practice concentration

In practice, it has been proven that the feeling of being limited in time stimulates mental activity and causes adrenaline. From a scientific point of view, this is called goal activation, which provokes intellectual activity to achieve a set goal. The main thing is not to forget to take short breaks, especially if it is a complex multi-step task.

Set a time frame

It is difficult for novice freelancers to determine how much time they will have to spend on a particular project. A tool that collects time statistics and even visualizes time spent will help. So it will be much easier for you later to analyze how to plan work for a week or even a month in advance.


Why is it important to take breaks?

The human body can be easily exhausted if work and rest are not planned. Have you ever noticed that when you are working on an interesting project, at first you are so excited that you don’t notice how time is passing, but then you can suddenly feel absolutely exhausted? It is good if you have time to finish the project, but if this condition appears in the middle of the activity, it threatens to disrupt the deadlines. Therefore, before you take up any right, think carefully about how much time it takes and plan a break. It will allow you to restore mental activity, which will have a positive effect on productivity and mental health. 

What could be a break? Everyone’s vacation looks different. Someone rests only on the sofa, others – in active movement. Others need to meditate or take a walk to relax. That is, you choose the rest that you like in order to effectively recover in the middle of the project or in the breaks between projects.

What gives control of one’s own time?

First of all, a person who plans his affairs and rests, considers himself a full-fledged master of his own life. She gets satisfaction from the fact that she copes with the task on time, receives income, recognition, increases professional awareness, etc. Working within a time frame, a person easily understands what he should do, and what is not to his liking or beyond his strength. Therefore, there should be no questions about why this should be done. The only problem should be how does a freelancer manage their time to improve the quality of their writing and overall workflow?

After all, by controlling time, we are not enslaved to our own freedom. Because that’s what you can call the state when we allow ourselves everything, but chaotically. So, in the end, it does not bring any results. Time control brings a balance of work and rest, harmony, self-confidence, and self-confidence into our lives. And in the end, we notice that 12 working hours is actually a lot of time.

By planning things and the time for their implementation, we learn to set priorities correctly. This means that it is a balanced way to spend energy on certain tasks. By introducing time management into your life, you will be able to take on big projects with ease. After all, you will divide them into parts and perform them step by step. Also, don’t forget to schedule time for important calls, study, self-development, and, of course, your favorite business. In the middle of an active working day, find a few minutes to do something you love. After all, the positive emotions that you will receive during this time will increase your energy and zeal and will add effort and strength.

A few more words about how a freelancer can effectively manage their time?

A clear plan helps to maintain professional activity and motivation for a long time. This is how professionals are born who impress with their achievements and become leaders in their respective fields of employment. And the key to this success is clear adherence to the self-made schedule and the desire to work according to it. The main thing is not to beat yourself up if you fail to adhere to all the specified frameworks. In this case, it is necessary to analyze why this happened and apply this experience in the following tasks. And an important step in developing one’s working qualities is the elimination of distracting factors that prevent one from concentrating.

Arrange your workspace so that nothing distracts you. Then it will be easier to focus on work and successfully cope with it. And you can start with minimal planning of things – ‌first two or three, and later move to the format of planning a whole day. Gradual habituation to self-control is more effective and stable.

Author Bio:
Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and psychologist. She is actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. Eliza also loves catching up on modern trends. She inspires people to learn new things and reach new heights with her work. In case of any inquiries or suggestions, you may feel free to reach out to her at


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