Productivity is one of the main essential components of success. So, everyone desires to achieve a high level of productivity, but not everyone manages to do so. Unfortunately, there are some habits that kill your productivity. Thus, the best way of improving productivity is about changing habits rather than sitting and reading inspirational quotes.

When some activities become your habits, you keep doing them without much effort. So, keep doing things that boost your productivity and get rid of those that hinder it!
Here, we’ve listed 3 bad habits you should abandon to stay productive. Additionally, we have included some tips on how to find effective ways to get rid of them. So, go ahead and make your life more productive!


Many people believe they are super productive. Unfortunately, it only seems like being effectively multitasking. In fact, multitasking kills productivity. The more you try to do many things at once, the worse you will perform on every task. 
Scientific research has found that only about 2% of people are able to multitask without completing the tasks poorly. So, trying to focus on more than one thing at once can cause a 40% decrease in productivity. Studies have shown that doing several things at once lowers a person’s IQ by 10 points.
As a result of multitasking, you will spend more time completing tasks one by one. When you divide your attention between tasks, each task gets less attention but requires more time to complete.
Thus, if you don’t want to waste your time, work on a particular task and move on when you’re done! Simple as that! 
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Reason for indecisiveness

One of the main habits that kill your productivity is indecisiveness. Every time you avoid making a decision leads to an inner conflict and affects your well-being. It causes stress and makes you less confident. Furthermore, it ends up wasting a lot of time and mental energy.
The major reason for indecisiveness is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the wrong choice, or fear of taking responsibility. These fears can keep you from taking risks and trying new things.

So how you can deal with this problem?

Think of what will be changed if you make the decision tomorrow. Nothing? Then use the 2-minute rule. Just set the timer and have a persistent decision after the deadline.
Another useful option is to make a list of pros and cons. All you need to make a decision is to count the number of points under each column and compare. That’s all – the decision is right in front of your eyes.
Just keep in mind that the best lessons are learned through mistakes you’ve made before. Who knows? Maybe your biggest mistakes would end up turning into your success story.  

“The seed of your next artwork lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece.”  – David Bayles



Obsessive man laying on grass, perfection

The desire to make things 100% accurately is not always the best choice to make.
Trying to make every detail a perfect one means:

  • always waiting for the right moment to start
  • having a fear of making a mistake
  • spending more time  

All of the above-mentioned are the enemies of productivity.
Moreover, setting high goals which are difficult to achieve can be decisive. You will be stressed every time something goes wrong and will be more prone to give up.

Here are some tips to help you out! 

  • try to concentrate more on accomplishing the task within a reasonable period of time, rather than focusing on details.
  • have a global view of your task and find out whether things you worry about really matter.
  • think about the long-term end results.

And, perhaps, the most important thing for overcoming perfectionism is to accept that it is not worth the energy and time you spend!

So, the best way to do things more efficiently is to get rid of bad habits that kill your productivity. Instead, think about creating some lasting habits to achieve your goals wisely. Good luck!

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