Want to join the army of remote workers equipped with a baggage of useful tools for freelancers? Or, maybe you are already among them and now want to use the perks of freelancing to a full extend? Smart decision! Now, the tricky part. Being a freelancer actually means being a business owner, managing your own marketing, project management, HR and finance departments, all on your own. Luckily, there are a number of tools for freelancers that will help you carry this burden rather effectively. Let’s get to explore them together:

Task Management Systems

Breaking down the tasks and meeting deadlines is important – no matter what you are working on and where. Various task management systems are there to give you a helping hand.  Asana still remains a great tool for freelancers for managing both individual and team tasks.  You can set deadlines, describe tasks and make notes there.

Project Management Software

While working with a bigger team remotely, it’s always important to keep up with the team’s progress and stay on the loop. For those who love to organize tasks visually, Trello  is a good choice, with its collaborative features and long-term task arrangement opportunities.

Meeting-Notes Management Software

Keep the meeting notes is essential for freelancers, and agencies to keep track of the calls with clients and stay focused. Users who want to conduct organized meetings, with set agenda, follow-up actions, and manage key decisions, nTask Meetings is a good option with complete workflow management and task assignment features.

Calendar and Scheduling

Updating the calendar and scheduling tasks is key to successful time management. Several desktop and mobile calendar apps should always be at your disposal for quick access. Outlook is pretty comfortable for integrating personal and work activities in one place. As an email, calendar and cloud storage app, it will let you easily manage multiple accounts from your phone.

Virtual Communications

CallHippo is an advanced virtual business phone system that helps you connect to your customers around the world effortlessly. The company also offers a wide range of country specific virtual numbers including Uk phone number, US phone number, Singapore phone number etc. This enables you to run your business from anywhere, and reach out to clients using any smart device while ensuring data security and complete oversight. 
CallHippo helps businesses of all sizes track, manage and analyze the efficiency of the support teams. The application uses artificial intelligence to assess 100% of your calls and offers several groundbreaking features such as: Power Dialer, Automatic Call Distribution, Advanced Analytics, Call Monitoring & Conferencing, IVR, Call Recording.

Time Tracking Software

The moment you start freelancing is the moment you understand that time is your most rewarding treasure. This means that having an extremely convenient toolset for managing and tracking your time is critical. If you are on the hunt for productivity and preciseness, check out WebWork Time Tracker. Being a time tracking software with screenshots it equips you with a vast number of time tracking and reporting tools. WebWork helps you better organize your work with clients, get paid for every single hour, as well as assess and boost your own productivity.

Invoicing and Quoting Software

On the other hand, if you prefer to generate your own invoice or if you are always up to take fixed price contracts, separate finance management tools for freelancers are there for help. Sighted allows you to create, send and print any type of invoices tailored to your needs – whether you want to charge per hour, per project or per service. Even so, if you are not really eager to spend much time on financial accounts and would prefer something easier, go with a simple Invoice generator and no more fuss.
The life of a freelancer is undoubtedly a roller-coaster. One needs to use all the necessary tools out there to keep up with the pace of the industry. Already today 68% of millennial job seekers say they would prefer to work remotely. This means freelancing is becoming more and more easier in the tech age. So, fair to say, don’t work hard, work smart!

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