7 Tips to Make Monday Favorite Day of the Week

The sentence “Wake up, it is Monday morning!” sometimes sounds like a scary verdict. Indeed, Monday mornings are often not our desired ones. They are full of to do lists, indefinite plans, business agendas and a lot of other overwhelming stuff.

But wait and take a deep breath… Isn’t it possible to make a Monday morning a bit more lovely and awaited? Surely, it is! Mondays are like a new page of the copybook and you should turn it in the most promising way.

Organizing the first day of the week is an important part of right time management. If you are able to start your week with a good agenda, half of the week plan is successfully accomplished. So, it is essential to start out with stimulus and drive.

Follow our tips for motivation to get started for another productive week!

Prepare perfect breakfast!

“There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food”, Ron Swanson.

Well said, isn’t it? Consider this as your first and most important bullet point of a Monday planning.  It’s a pleasure to prepare some yummy food along with a refreshing coffee. This will help you to wear a smile on your face and keep it there for the whole day.

Stay tuned to good news!

Monday is the day when everything is being kicked off! It is rich of different news, both positive and negative: politics, sports, coming events, daily life…

Follow the news and make sure to put aside the positive ones which will motivate you and have a positive impact on your mood. Try to scroll and bookmark only good and useful news stories.

Collect favorite music for the week!

What is the greatest cure for any sore in life? Right you are, it’s music – the best treatment against energy loss and endeavors. Fill in your days with optimistic undertakings by collecting a cute playlist of favorite songs for the whole week.

Schedule a workout!

After having a relaxed weekend, schedule your workout on Monday evening. It will fill your day with good expectations and after a heavy day you will have a desired relaxing hour. Sport and physical load is always a good idea to refresh your body and soul.

Plan your weekly doings!

Plan and write down your weekly challenges waiting ahead and start accomplishing them step by step. No matter be it a professional duty or daily routine, always organize your day to have control over your time and keep tight time management.
Clean up the desk, archive the finished tasks and welcome the new ones – all you have to do for a perfect start of the week!

Make an appointment with friends!

Schedule your meetings with friends for the whole week beforehand. This will encourage you to keep things at work more organized, meet the deadlines before a working day is over and let you accomplish tasks with more enthusiasm!

Find your own source of inspiration!

Each of us has his/her own tools of motivation. It can be minor but of great importance. Will it be a tasty snack, morning music, wearing a new dress or any other thing – doesn’t matter! Just find your small secret source of energy and use it right away.  The result will be incredible.

Monday inspiration

After all, it is not important which day of the week today is. Create your style of Monday and make it the best day of the week.
Keep your motivation window active and make every week more productive than the previous one!




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