If you want to develop a new habit, all you have to do is to follow these simple yet effective tips to build a new habit.
But wait, before discovering these useful tips to build a new habit, let’s first find out how a typical habit works.
Behavioral psychology researchers came to the idea that habits are formed by a 3 step structure, so-called ‘’The 3 R’s of habit change”.

  1. The first is the Reminder, which is the trigger of a certain behavior. For example, the green light tells you to cross the street.
  2. The second one is the Routine. It is the behavior itself. As followed, you start walking and crossing the street.
  3. The third one is the Reward. It is the benefit or the harm you receive after your behavior. Finally, you reached your destination.

When building a new habit we should take into consideration this same structure.
So, our first tip to build a new habit is setting reminders.

Set Reminders

build a new habit
Reminders are highly important than developing a new habit. Choosing a good and relevant reminder can be the key to successful habit building.
One of the best ways of setting a reminder is connecting it with already formed everyday habits. Make a list of them and find the best one that can serve as the new habit’s reminder.
For example, if you are turning the light on every day when it becomes darker, it can be a perfect reminder to build a new habit. You can do some exercises for a short time after turning on the light. Soon, this will become a habit and you can practice it for more long periods.
Why is this more effective than setting a reminder for a particular time?
When you receive a reminder in the process of doing something, the probability that you’ll abandon it and start practicing the new habit is not high. Adversely, starting practicing a new habit after finishing the old good one is the best solution.
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Build Simple Habits At First

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Start your habit with the more simple version of it. Pick a habit that is easy enough that you can get it done without great efforts and motivation. For example, if your goal is doing 40 pushups a day, start with just 10 and progress day by day.

Don’t Break The Chain

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Use a chain of marked off hours or days to keep you on track. This will help you overcome procrastination. Furthermore, the desire to keep the chain creates additional motivation. It is important to have a visual overview of your progress. When you have a clear vision of what you have already done, you feel more proud of yourself. Thus, this practice boosts your positive attitude of developing the new habit.

Repeat Until You Do It Automatically                                       

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It is commonly believed that the habits are established after 21 days of constant repetition. However recent studies show that there is no fixed number of days. Some behaviors can become a habit even after 18 days, while others might take more than 66 days.
Thus, don’t take repetitions of several days for granted. Keep on doing until you do it without thinking.
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Track Your Progress With Apps

build a new habit
Make use of today’s technology! Mobile apps are effective tools for tracking your new behaviors. As a matter of fact, accurate monitoring can greatly contribute to developing a new habit.
Here we have 5 useful tips to build a new habit. Start forming your new good habits right from today to become more successful, healthy and productive!
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