Google Chrome is the most widely used browser and this is true both in terms of personal and work use. Many work-related activities such as using google docs, google sheets, etc. are happening in the web browser. And it becomes highly important to track the time you spend on those activities to be able to measure your productivity. 

Why Do You Need a Chrome Extension Time Tracker?

Many of us are using multiple project management and other tools to organize workflow efficiently and ensure that no deadlines are missed. But simply meeting the due dates is not enough, you also need to track the time spent on it to have a comprehensive measure of your progress. And this is where the chrome extension time trackers come to help. They are great in the sense that they eliminate the need of using multiple apps for daily work by allowing you to track your time on a web browser. 

How To Choose Between Numerous Tools?

There are various tools out there and each of them is different in terms of its specifications and offerings. So, you need to closely examine each of them to choose the one that fits your team better. Here we have gathered the list of top industry solutions with detailed descriptions to make the decision process easier. 

1. WebWork Chrome Extension Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker allows you to track your working hours in the apps and tools that you’re already using. It offers a fully automated system to report just-in-time data for your projects and tasks. This allows you to be constantly aware of how you distribute your working hours and improve your future time management skills. You can integrate a wide range of famous tools such as Asana, Trello, and Jira and see the tracked hours for particular projects and tasks right away.

2. Clockify

Clockify Chrome Extension Tracker offers a wide range of possibilities to track time. It has a Pomodoro technique which allows you to work on 25-5 intervals to ensure the efficiency of your work. The timer shortcut has made the job easy for you by allowing you to start and stop the timer immediately with Ctrl+Shift+U. Also, you can no longer worry about accurate time reporting because the tracker automatically syncs it on all devices. 

3. Tick

Tick timer for Chrome gives you the opportunity to track time on all work-related activities. You can track the time you spend on writing emails, listing product updates, estimating team tasks and so on. It gives you the possibility of both adding time manually and starting the automatic tracker. In the latter case you can be sure that your time will be recorded accurately because even in the case of exiting Chrome, the app will continue tracking. 

4. TMetric

With TMetric Chrome Extension you can directly track the time spent on each task. All you have to do is to click on the “start timer” button and the software will start tracking. You are free to choose among the assigned tasks and can even easily turn from one task to another while the timer is still running. It will simply require you to fill in the task-related information in the given form. 

5. Everhour

This Chrome Extension is a great choice for tracking time on famous project management tools as it has a number of integrations. It eliminates the confusion about multiple-time reporting by allowing you to quickly access all the timesheet data in your selected application. You can get detailed information about each task such as the progress, completion time, etc by clicking on it.

To conclude, we want to state the importance of time tracking on the browser once again. It is a great solution to keep track of your working time in terms of particular projects and tasks.

6. TimeCamp

Among the best chrome extensions for productivity, you can also find TimeCamp – a time tracker loved by a thousand teams around the world. It tracks time automatically in the background and fills the timesheets with time entries and daily activity, so the users can save more time for what matters at their work. After starting a timer with just one click you can easily forget about it and focus on your job – the plugin will do the rest!

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