5 Benefits Of Time Tracking For Freelancers

Whether you are a freelancer or work for a company you definitely need a proper time management, which helps you predict and improve your behavior by simply analyzing how you manage your time. As a freelancer, your schedule and activities are probably more flexible than those who work from the office. While you have the freedom for managing your own time, there is the risk of distractions, which means without a proper time management you are likely to waste your time and money. To schedule your time, you mostly rely on a calendar. But in order to see how efficiently you’ve spent your time, you’re in search of something which is called a time tracking tool. Time Tracking tools will definitely help you to create and improve your time and project management skills.

Here are 5 benefits that time tracking brings!

1. Better Performance

Every freelancer eventually faces the risk of falling into a soup of unproductivity. To be a successful freelancer with a successful workflow, you need to know how much time you spend on your daily activities. For example, when you see the picture of how much you spent on researching and the result doesn’t make you smile, next time you will try to get it faster.

So, here you will notice areas of improvements, discover problems and find solutions to them.

2. Discovering Distractions and Setting Limits to Them

It takes a lot more discipline for a freelancer to stay focused on the real work. Sometimes, while browsing your Facebook or Instagram pages you don’t notice how much time you spend on unessential things. But when you open the active window, which shows you the time spent on them, you start to feel worse. This helps you make smarter decisions.

3. More Accurate Billing System

Freelancers usually work from home and clients receive the results remotely. As a freelancer, your time value should be estimated carefully before you bill your client. Time is money and it’s extremely important to get time tracking software when you are charging by hour. Your client will see your working status by receiving your time records and reports. So, you will give a proper invoice to your client and will be paid accurately. It is trustworthy and reliable both for you and your client.

4. Real Estimates

Time Tracking tools allow you to keep all data about the previous and existing projects. Looking back at the previous estimates regarding to the previous projects, you will discover how much time you spent on a particular project, task and will try to show better performance. When your results and client’s expectations meet each other, you will avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings.

5. Visualized Goals and Motivation

Using the data collected over a period of time regarding to your productivity estimates and reports, you will see the visualized picture of your progress and goals. The picture will show you where you are the most productive and where not. By this, you will set new goals, new ideas and new strategies to make yourself feel happier as a freelancer.

time tracking for freelancers


It’s evident that for being more successful, more productive and a happier freelancer, you will definitely need a time tracking tool. Start using it and you will explore the numerous benefits of it.

Develop better time and project management for yourself!


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