Building a remote team is becoming an increasingly common and productive way of organizing work, especially in the tech industry. This kind of work-life balance allows more and more people to prefer a flexible work environment.

Transitioning to remote work is distinctly beneficial for everyone, including startups, small and mid-size businesses which are more result-oriented, and freelancers.
Today’s advancing technologies give a full toolbox to stay connected with your remote team constantly as intensely as you’d like to.

There are a number of advantages and benefits to going remote both for employers and employees.
Here is a comprehensive guide that explores the nuances of remote job hiring and provides essential insights into the world of remote work.

Remote employees are happier!

Most research shows that remote employees are happier than those working in an office.


Waking up at your preferred hour, sitting in front of your laptop with a cup of coffee in your beloved café, and enjoying the sunny weather – what can be better?

You are free to work whenever and wherever you want. Your schedule is your own. You decide whether to work full-time or part-time. This way of working lets you be more satisfied and happy.

And being happy means being more productive. And more productive means more efficient for the employer.

Remote employees get time management right!

When working remotely, one doesn’t have to wait in traffic for hours or have long talks in the office. Just focusing on your actual work without getting interrupted by minor things leads to efficiency: waste of time is minimized.

Different time tracking software systems help to achieve higher productivity in the remote workforce and have a better-organized work.

Set up and use the right time management tool as it’s one of the keys to success.

It’s cheaper!

Public transport, lunch, buying new clothes to impress coworkers – all these cost money which, let’s admit it, is not always good for your wallet. Working from home cuts your expenses and saves up money. Nice, isn’t it?

It’s good for your health!

The office environment and co-workers often cause stressful and annoying situations which are easy to avoid by working remotely. In addition to this, you spend much more time with your family and friends; have more time for healthy food. In other words, remote work has a positive impact on your health.

Productivity on top level!

No one knows better than you how you can achieve your own top level of work rate. You are the boss of your working time and place, so you are able to decide how to get better results and increase your productivity.

The Tech industry fosters innovation day by day and this also brings changes to work style. The advantages of remote work both for employers and employees are evident.

It’s convenient and less costly to take control of your remote workers. Time tracking and project management software give myriads of options to organize remote work in an easy and efficient way.

The world is an open desk now! So move on to the next level of connection and take advantage of remote work.

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